Gastager Feld 11, D-83313 Siegsdorf

Manual force tester

The manually operated force test stand for compression and tensile tests will be equipped with a hand-held DFG or DFC instrument. It has precise, linear guided mechanics and a robust design. The force test bench is adjustable and can be equipped with clamping fixtures, making it ideal for incoming or outgoing goods inspection and for use at shop floor.

  • Robust design with adjustable, precision rack & pinion or high resolution worm gear movement, very good force controllability.
  • Versatile use, a large selection of clamping tools is available.
  • Optionally with scale for deflection measurement
  • Convertible for horizontal use (option)
  • Lever operation: MTL-110 (up to 500N, throat distance 150mm), MTL-330 (up to 1500N, throat distance 100mm)
  • Hand wheel operation: MTH-550 (up to 2000N, throat distance 100mm)