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M3 – geometric measuring software

The most innovative measuring software for the use of coordinate measuring systems. As original equipment and for retrofitting. The needed functionality can be configured individually.

  • 2 to 5 axis (X, Y, Z, Q, Zoom)
  • Measuring point acquisition by crosshair, clever video tools, touch probe systems and laser
  • Multi touch probe capability
  • Measure, construct and define 2D and 3D regular geometries
  • Measure polynomes with the blob tool
  • Stitch images to a super image
  • DXF overlay in live image
  • Contour tracking and BestFit
  • Position detection
  • Manual operation or CNC with motor control
  • Light control up to 8 channels
  • Tolerance check according to DIN / ISO with tolerance chart
  • Part programming with palletizing and program loops for video and touch probe measurement
  • Launch program with barcode reader
  • Image archiving (BMP, JP2, JPG, PNG)
  • Program creation from DXF file
  • Comprehensive data output as DXF, DXF point cloud, IGS cloud, CSV, TSV
  • Q-DAS converter
  • Comprehensive compensation possibilities for measuring stage and optics
  • And much more
Demo Software