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M2 – geometric measuring software

Metrology calculator on PC basis with multi-touch functionality. Operating system Microsoft® Win10.

NEW: M2 Version 2, more powerful with added functionality
  • Advanced Part View markup
  • Multi-run analysis via a Program Runs Database
  • Customize your reports with the Template Editor
  • Enhanced User Message providing variables
  • Formula feature for your own calculations
  • 2 to 4 axis (X, Y, Z, Q)
  • Measuring point acquisition by crosshair or optional by optical edge detector.
  • Measure, construct and define 2D features.
  • Various methods of calculations (least squares, best form, max inscribed, min superscribed, and more)
  • Part program teach-in
  • Comprehensive measurement reports
  • Data output of coefficients to RS232
  • Manual or CNC operation
  • Tolerance check according to DIN / ISO
  • Also available with camera connection and crosshair as an ideal upgrade
  • Image archiving when with camera option
  • Linear and segmented axis error compensation
  • Either squareness correction XY or grid compensation XY
  • USB hardware for measuring system connection
  • Available for all common measuring systems and connectors
  • Comprehensive data export incl. DXF
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