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CNC force testing machine

The computer controlled FMM force test stand forms the basis for your force testing machine / universal testing machine. Supplemented with a force transducer and the Metlogix test software or the DFC force measuring device as control unit, tensile and compression tests can be carried out automatically and reproducibly. The operation is very simple, the application possibilities are numerous. Robust and reliable for quality control and for use in shop floor environment (worker introspection).

  • Standard travel 500mm, maximum load capacity 500N, 1500N or 2500N
  • Extended travel 760mm, maximum load capacity 500N, 1500N or 2500N
  • Robust design with precision guideway for reproducible and fine adjustable test speed
  • High crosshead position accuracy of better than 0.02mm
  • Fully automated operation of common tests with individually defined parameters
  • Configured and stored test procedures to be recalled easily for optimal delegability
  • Universal and budget-friendly CNC force testing machine with Metlogix force testing software L1 or L2
  • Automated force-displacement test sequence when used with Metlogix DFC hand-held force gauge.
  • Manual control with preselectable speed when used with mounted hand force gauge DFG (or third-party).