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L1 – force testing software

The innovative MetLogix software concept for force testing: coherent operability with the graphical user interface allow a fluent handling at a low training effort.

The results are presented clearly organisend and easy understandable. They can be exported and printed easily.

Test routines will be stored after the initial set up and can be recalled on a fingertip for sampling and for checking results.

Tensile and compression tests
  • Load test
  • Target load for given duration
  • Distance test
  • Target position for given duration
  • Break test, compressive and breaking strength
  • Tensile strength (link to video), yield point
  • Spring test, load over distance test
  • Elasticity and plasticity
  • Adhesiveness and texture
  • Cycle test (over time and over counts)
  • Saving, editing and copying of test routines as programs
  • Graphical display of the sequence: force – distance, force – time and distance – time
  • Setting of limit values with pass/fail display
  • Result table
  • Export of results and raw data for archiving and further evaluation in spreadsheet programs.
  • Touch-PC with Windows10® operating system
  • For the use with MetLogix FMM force tester frame
  • For the use with MetLogix load cells. With automatic takeover of the measuring range
Demo Software
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